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From 8th to11th of August 2024

ecstatic fest

Le séchoir, Campagne, Dordogne

4 days to celebrate and honor the life dancing us and to let it express itself though us, within us and around us freely​. Let's come together consciously with joy, care, abundance, connexion and love! 


Our festival...

We are very happy to invite you to the second edition of our Ecstatic Fest Lez'Arts in France this summer. 

From 8th to 11th of August 2024  
At 'Le séchoir', Campagne, Dordogne

 We have created a wonderful programme for this second edition with many great DJ, Artists and practitioners from all over Europe. 
A beautiful cacao ceremony to open the festival, with 2 Ecstatic Dance sessions each day, many amazing workshops each morning and afternoons, chanting circles and concerts to end each day together.

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Presentation of our first edition 2022

About the festival...

For this second edition of Ecstatic fest Lez'Arts, we are very lucky to have access to this beautiful campsite Lou Tuquet, a beautiful venue which can welcome 500 people. We therefore recommend to buy your ticket early.

This festival is alcool and drug free.

it will start on Thursday 8th of August at 9am and will end Sunday 11th at Midnight. But you can stay until Monday afternoon (the next day).

All tickets are sold online prior to the festival. You will find 4 days festival pass, 3 days pass and weekend festival pass, kids pass and family pass. The early bird tickets are available until 30/04/24


A big carpark is available on site.

The camping onsite will open from Thursday 8/08/24 at 9am

All camping, whether tent or camper van, is included in the ticket price.
You can stay on the Sunday night but we will ask you to leave the campsite before midday on the Monday 12th of August.


Vegetarian food trucks 
Spirulina toasts and more
Soft drinks bar
Raw cacao 

All workshops are included in the ticket price.

Animals are not allowed on site

You can apply to volunteer by sending an email  to [email protected]

We look forward to meeting you in August...

Sophie, Marylou et Lydie

Le Séchoir, our beautiful festival site

Le Séchoir
24260 Campagne

The organisers

The dream team of this festival...

Marylou Aféa

Marylou is super happy to create gatheting spaces, she discovered Ecstatic dance in Ibiza 10 years ago, also explored impro contact from land to water. She loves to sing, has been a backing singer and forms duets intuitively in connection with the movement of life. It's such vibrant nourishment, she also organizes the Mantra Joie Festival dedicated to sacred chants from around the world.

Sophie Auber 

Sophie aka DJ Soph is the founder of Ecstatic Dance Montpellier, Ecstatic Nîmes and Ecstatic Dance Ocytocine (the famous outdoor Ecstatic Dances with headphones in the south of France). She is a yoga teacher, self-love coach, ecstatic dance organizer, facilitator and DJ. She now has a thriving Ecstatic Dance community in and around Montpellier.

Lydie Bellanger

A traveler at heart, I explore life through photography. Everything that moves me thrills me. Nature fills me with wonder. Thirsty for discovery, I seek out the Sacred and the Self. I also love madness: laughing at nothing, shouting, singing, getting drunk on dance. For me, Ecstatic Dance brings together all these vibratory sensations. I just love it!